figuring out what happens

i’ve got a modern tale of a tribe of pirates surviving to the 21st century, the kids being the active pirates while their parents live in denial.

i’ve got a tale of a modern pirate girl thrown back into the golden age of piracy.

i’ve got a tale of a colonial pirate queen.

i’ve got a tale of a ship with a female captain, a simian first mate, and talking rats.  and fairies.

i’ve got an alternate tale of piracy in the 16th-21st centuries, where a dynasty changed the course of history.

not a bodice ripper.

and who knows what’s going to happen by the time it comes to be written.  there are all sorts of wild things percolating at the moment.

and it’s all on board some ship sailing between green and mountainous caribbean islands.  i’m not sure the time actually matters.

what if i had a universe where all the times could live together, where all the ages of piracy could happen at once in their various locations.

so what kind of universe would it take to make this kind of temporal mixing possible?  what kind of world do i have to create in order for this melange to be credible?

jasper fforde would just put it into a library shelf and let all the different books mix, and it would make perfect sense that they would all talk to each other, and run into each other at favorite dive spots.

maybe this is what the bermuda triangle was invented for, to make crews of animals and long-dead pirates and punk teenagers.  and fairies.

but maybe there’s another explanation.  maybe all these characters from various periods of caribbean piracy are just that, characters in the theme park.  but somehow it has come alive, and when people aren’t working fooling the tourists, they’re really out roaming the spanish main and boarding silver-laden ships.

maybe they know they’re really the ghosts of all this history, pretending to be carnival operators.  maybe they’re dreaming.  maybe they’ve got some voodoo spell that keeps them here, undying.

that’s creepy.

jim will come up with something.


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