how about cartoon characters?

i was sleeping this morning, dreaming of a bunch of animals sitting around in a small room, talking.  an ape or gorilla, dogs, cats, a rat, smartass birds.

watching this dream, i began to think of my characters as animals, as an animated story.  but as i came more awake i started to think about just having a couple of animal characters on board?

the ape would be really handy in the rigging.  and you might as well recruit the rats who live onboard all ships.

so how do we come by an ape?  captured by slavers on the east coast of africa and shipped over as a slave.  currently working for the spanish as a diver.  dresses, acts just like the men, nobody ever tries to get a word out of him.  they call him tarzan once he comes aboard the pirate ship.

but how come they talk?  is this like an animated cartoon in that all the characters talk, and to each other?  are we supposed to blink once when the animals have something to say, and then accept it as normal?  or is some magic required, a spell perhaps?  feh.  how about some futuristic device for giving animals speech?  some universal translator, something like the dog collars in up.  eck.

it seems every wrinkle i think up is doomed to obscurity.  but that’s because i’m only starting to think up characters.

when i get them all together, then it’ll really be ridiculous.  a female buccaneer, a modern girl transported back, an ape.  that’s a good start.


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