my heroin(e)

a word about my lead character.  it’s a girl, and she’s a lot like suzie in my second unpublished novel, splat.  she’s a 20-something punk girl who’s had her brush with trouble and is tired of it, but can’t seem to settle down, and finds herself being a modern day pirate of a sort.  she comes from a long line of outlaws, bandits and pirates, and there’s a tradition she follows,  a code she tries to uphold, family expectations she tries not to disappoint.

and then she or someone very like her appears in caribbean history as a notorious female pirate, with a posse of dedicated buccaneers, and leaves a trail of glory and adventure.

* * *

or else, if i could pull it off, i’d want to do a dynasty, starting with grace o’malley, and going down thru the 150 years of piracy on the spanish main, and then down to this day, where a tribe of pirates carries on the ancient traditions in the 21st century.  a dynasty of pirate queens.

that’s just what i’ve had come to consciousness in the few weeks i’ve been thinking about this story.  there will be much more, and in little bits and pieces.  but i already know her character at the start of the story.


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