from my dream

our modern heroine and her crew (posse, entourage) of modern-day pirates awake in their cabin cruiser after a disastrous storm at sea.  they hear a rhythmic knocking, and come on deck to find the boat in the shade of an enormous wooden ship.  the ship is abandoned, so they board.  it’s a spanish galleon, a replica, they believe.  then they discover bodies, dressed in 17th century clothes, run thru with cutlasses, shot up with flintlocks, crushed by heavy cannon balls.

in the hold is a captive ape, caged and starving.  they dump the bodies and feed the ape, and tie their cabin cruiser (which is out of gas anyway) to the back of the ship.

none of her crew has much experience with sailing ships, so they blunder their way out of the sargasso sea, in the middle of the bermuda triangle, where they ended up after the storm.

they are surprised by a pirate ship as they near a welcoming island harbor, but the pirates aren’t expecting their prey to have submachine guns, and the pirate crew soon have a new leader.  now they have two ships, a crew for each, a cabin cruiser with all its equipment, and other modern appurtenances.

they return to the pirate stronghold and soon our heroine is leader of a pirate colony.

it occurred to me as i was waking up this morning.


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