it’s getting clearer

our heroine wakes up after being lost at sea, and finds herself back in the 17th century.  she and her crew man a vessel and limp to port.  this is only the beginning of a long voyage full of adventure, trying to get to the famed pirate island where her people have always lived.  this takes us on a romp thru 17th century caribbean piracy.  along the way she loses all of her crew except for the ape.  but she’s made a mint, and has the ability to transport her original cabin cruiser back to the island with her.

she gets back to the island,  and knows to swim thru an underground river, which goes thru some sort of time portal, and she appears back in the present, exhausted and delirious.  they put her to bed and ignore her ravings.  silly thing, lost in the 1600s for months and months –  how wizard of oz, shall we call a doctor?  some of the adults look at each other silently.  nobody’s supposed to know about the underground river and its many passages to other eras.  our heroine takes months to recover, having picked up some disease back in the past.

while she recuperates, we see her as one of several dozen teenagers living on a caribbean island that makes its living being a pirate theme park.  the inhabitants also do eco-tours, treasure hunting, big game fishing, and scuba diving trips for their living.  at times they go on real pirate raids, but that’s not something everyone knows, and certainly not the children.  which they’ve lost a boatload, and she’s the only one to come back.  things are quiet for awhile.  we see how the parents run the theme park like their own private pirate town, their cynical attitudes, their lazy ways, which the kids don’t like.  the kids take the pirate image seriously.

the island’s children have discovered what might be treasure, buried in the sand offshore.  it’s illegal to dig for treasure, and the government patrols constantly.  the kids go out to see for themselves, and dive for a bar of spanish gold.  a patrol comes up and they narrowly avoid suspicion, being kids.  they sneak the gold back to the island and start discussing how to get all that gold past the government and out into some market where it can be sold.

the adults go on a raid.  they bring back items that our heroine remembers from her voyage back to the pirate island.  they’re corroded, like they’ve been underwater for three centuries, but they’re not corroded enough, and our heroine is suspicious.  she’s pretty sure they’re going back and forth between the past and the present, and being pirates in the past.  searching while they’re away on a raid, she finds a lab where they artificially age fresh 17th century artifacts to make them look old.

the parents don’t come back.  weeks go by, and there’s only the kids left on the island.  they’ve got the gold up and are busy turning it into fake-looking pieces of eight to smuggle out as cheap tourist trinkets.  it’s a plan that just might work.

our heroine realizes what happened to the adults, and decides to take the older kids and go rescue them.  they travel thru the underground river, directed only by a cryptic entry in a secret logbook, and after almost getting fatally lost down a dead-end passage, arrive back in the past, where her old boat awaits them.  the kids use her knowledge of the era (and modern weapons) to take first a pirate ship, and then a whole fleet of them, and go find the parents.  the parents are sitting in jail awaiting hanging as pirates.  the kids sail in with their rag-tag fleet, there’s a ferocious battle against the english navy, and the kids win.

but now what?  because all this time, the feds have been closing in on the pirate island’s operation.  it was inevitable, since that island has been known for piracy all thru caribbean history, since the same family has been living on it since there were first pirates in the caribbean.  now that the theme park idea is blown out of the water, where are they going to go?  or rather, when, since they’ll always live on the pirate island.  some of the unexplored passages of the underwater river may go to the future, or the very remote past.  or maybe they’ll stay right there in the golden age of piracy.

how’s that sound?


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