plot idea

groove with me here.

the pirate clan has lived on this island for generations.  in fact, when the spanish discovered the caribbean, the island had people on it.  because of how the bermuda triangle kicks people around, the island has always been inhabited by the same people and/or their descendants and forebears.  people wash up on the island and then discover this cenote with a bunch of passages.  go thru one and wham you’re in the 17th century.  go thru another and whee you’re in the 22nd.

while the kids all play pirate, the adults (while playing pirate in the buckaneering past) have their own games, and one faction is against the other.  the laid back island types who just want to enjoy the timestream, versus the driven profiteers who scheme about upgrading the theme park.

a hurricane destroys everything, or perhaps an earthquake and tidal wave.  if the wall-street-type pirates had their way, the theme park would have been rebuilt out of steel.  but the hippie-pirates won and the old wooden rides stayed, giving people something to float on when the waters rose and there was nowhere to go.

i think i can make a good deal out of the antipathy between the financial shark pirates and the dope smoking pirates in their struggle against each other thruout the ages.


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