the talking ape

they’re not sure if he’s wise because he wont talk around most people.  but if you bug him he’ll tell you, ‘eat me’.  they assume he’s wise, because he looks wise.  it’s his eyes.  wise eyes.

sorry.  he’s inscrutable, like an old buddhist monk.  so everyone takes his every gesture as meaningful.  but are they just gullible?

our heroine knows his story.  he came with her from the island and they’ve banded together.  he’s actually from the future, where they’ve been messing around with primate dna and produced an ape who could talk.  they enhanced certain other abilities, too, starting with his mental capacity.  not sure why they did it, but it would dictate what they actually did.  anyway, he got sucked into the bermuda triangle, too, washed up on the island, and found the cenote, and popped out in an age where they’d as soon as eat an ape as laugh at its idea of fashion sense.  they shave him in order to disguise him.  our heroine has to be a transvestite to operate in the 17th century; and so does our talking ape.

this is i suppose a direct ripoff of planet of the apes.

  • i need to research planet of the apes
  • apes vs gorillas to see which one i’m really talking about
  • what it looks like when you shave an ape’s face
  • the geography of the caribbean island
  • the geography of the bermuda triangle
  • cenotes

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