oh no, i’m not prepared for a trilogy.  but this is how it seems to be going.

our heroine and all the other kids on the island are the kids of a pirate dynasty.  in volume one, their parents raided the caribbean, using a secret underwater passage to travel in time, and had many glorious tales to tell, but they’re tired now.

in volume two, our heroine gets stranded in the past, learning a part of her elders’ secret.  she spends a good deal of time trying to get back home.  when she returns, the old ways aren’t enough for her, and she organizes the kids and strikes out as a real pirate.  this causes all sorts of grown-up trouble, and in the end our heroine is the one who has to save her entire pirate clan as their enemies are poised to strike.  she comes up with a novel method of saving them.

volume three would be the new world that the clan encounters after they escape from the modern menace, a twist on the traditional pirate tale – modern pirates in a warped version of 17th century caribbean.

and this is all because i can’t get over the idea of having the caribbean set in the antarctic – or the antarctic set in the caribbean.  and the idea of piracy in the far distant future.  and the idea of modern pirates going back to the 17th century, when things were a lot tougher than they are now.   and the idea of the parents earning the scorn of the righteous youth by slacking off as pirates and getting all consumer and always stoned and just not being good parents.  these are powerful ideas to me.


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