notes: terra antarctica by william fox

terra antarctica: looking into the emptiest continent, by william l. fox, trinity university press, 2005

“we’re in a marginal condition one whiteout, following each other in a tight pack, eyes focused on the single red parka visible in front of us.  my head is swathed in the thich coyote fur-trimmed hood of my parka, a bulky down-filled nylon garment that resembles a sleeping bag more than a jacket – and is meant to perform exactly that function in an emergency.  my head is further covered by a pile hat, balaclava, neck gaiter, and neoprene face mask.” p10

“ice began to accumulate here during the miocene, 25 million years ago; by 15 million years ago the continent was covered.  scientists estimate that there’s about 700,000 years’ worth of accumulated ice on the plateau, and that the ice sheet puts one ton per square inch of pressure on the bedrock more than two miles beneath us, which helps explain why the continent is depressed, up to 1,400 feet below sea level in places.” p116


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