they laughed in the ’70s

this is stuff my ex the ax murderer used to go on about in the early ’80s.  it was obscure and unbelievable back then, but there they were just yesterday on the russian news, talking about how cia is beaming heatwaves at them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weather Wars and the Devil’s HAARP

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exits” — J. Edgar Hoover

Nicholas West
Activist Post

The weather forces of Earth are volatile indeed.   Even in the human era we have passed through cataclysmic times of both fire and ice, destruction and rebirth; recorded throughout the world in legends and religious texts. Are the current weather events part of that natural wave pattern of upheaval and stability, man-made global warming, a cyclical eruption of the sun, or are there clear manufactured patterns emerging?

The HAARP project has been shrouded in secrecy and speculation since its inception.  Despite recent high-profile attempts to access its inner workings, only more questions continue to emerge. Conclusions about its operational capacity are those that have caused a drift toward “conspiracy theory.”  Defense operations have quite a history of harebrained boondoggle schemes that never become operational. However, weather modification (and weaponization) has been consistently discussed and researched by the military and the Elite to a level that indicates there is something worth pursuing.  Let us look at a few things we know for certain:
HAARP is a military installation
Officials downplay the facility as pure “basic or exploratory research” — working with Alaska University, Fairbanks — possessing no military applications.  Yet, the United States Air Force, Navy and DARPA scientists populate the remote site in Gakona, Alaska.  It is also part of the Strategic Defense Initiative, which answers to the Department of Defense, and makes it a component of “Star Wars” inviting NASA into the mix.  At the very least, the communications and surveillance applications fit in perfectly with national security via sea and sky.
It is a weather modification apparatus
The scientists at HAARP do not deny the capacity for structural modification of the atmosphere, but they continue to insist that their academic studies are limited to a small swath around the facility. However, there is an indication of wider use:  the premier defense contractor, Raytheon, is now the owner of most of many relevant patents surrounding the research being conducted there.  Of twelve patents that form the backbone, #4,686,605 says it all: “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.”

Weather weapons have been considered by the Elite as a Potential Tool for Control
Zbigniew Brzezinski is the world’s foremost geopolitical director.  His seminal books, The Grand Chessboard and Between Two Ages have so many quotable passages that it is overkill to list them all.  He is the supreme insider:  Born into Polish nobility; a former National Security Advisor; and co-founder of The Trilaterial Comission with David Rockefeller, he seems to revel in telling the world the future of Elite direction.  There is not a chance that he would have mentioned weather weapons in his books if they were not feasible.  A key passage from Between Two Ages (1970) states, “Technology of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”

With this in mind, let’s consider some recent events that might suggest HAARP has achieved its full operational potential as a weapon that can be accurately directed to a given target if geopolitical masterminds give the order.

  • Venezuela Drought — The worst drought in 50 years came in late 2009 after Elites labeled Hugo Chavez an authoritarian (despite repeated popular elections).  They indicated a desire to, “divert the country toward a democracy.”  That type of rhetoric often indicates a mission to destabilize a regime, and impose a true dictator subservient only to the whims of the Globalists.  Big Oil hates iconoclastic leaders who are not members of The Club.  The benefit of political instability can set the stage for a future coup, so we have to wonder if a weather weapon was tested to produce anger among the populace.  Chavez invoked El Niño at the time, but did indicate his awareness of U.S. weather weapons after the Haiti Earthquake.
  • Pakistan Floods — The suddenness of the weather could be a tipoff.  This is a disaster that experts are saying dwarfs the impact of the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia, and is the worst in Pakistan history.  And it came by surprise.  Unlike a Tsunami which can have a random earthquake as its source, weather has been charted enough to put meteorologists on TV who presumably make a living off of their accurate analysis. Yet, millions have been affected, and hundreds of villages erased by this anomalous event that dropped from the skies.  A recent article in the Daily Mail has scientists speculating that a blocked jet stream is causing a prolonged weather system over Pakistan . . . as well as Russia.  A stated ability of HAARP is to “perturb the ionosphere,” which can lead to the stalling, or supercharging of weather systems, as the jet stream is affected.  In fact, it appears that the jet stream has split in two, with one arm going north over Russia, and the other arm heading south into Pakistan; the region in the middle is feeling the effects.
  • Russia Heat Wave — The worst heatwave in the nation’s history is slowing its economic recovery and causing destabilizing anger in the populace. Major media coldly states that the Russians’ penchant for alcohol is to blame for the subsequent deaths. Meanwhile, talk of a climate weapon is increasing in volume.  Then there is Global Warming and carbon taxes:  Russia has been a holdout on the effects of man-made Global Warming and the attendant need to tax industry.  Premier Medvedev stated in late 2009, “We will not cut our development potential.”  He also made it clear that  he believed that Global Warming was, “some kind of tricky campaign made up by some commercial structures to promote their business projects.”  Yet, who can doubt the effects of man-made warming now?  Medvedev was quoted recently doing a complete about-face, “What’s happening with the planet’s climate right now needs to be a wake-up call to all of us, meaning all heads of state, all heads of social organizations, in order to take a more energetic approach to countering the global changes to the climate.”
  • Freak U.S. Storms — Washington D.C. has been getting pounded.  A recent storm came out of nowhere.   Could this be retaliation from Russia for a perceived (or real) attack on its main agricultural region? The storms produced the first hail in the state’s history and dumped 5 inches of rain per hour, amid 180,000 lightning strikes. Or, perhaps it was domestically inspired — the area’s freak storm claimed the life of community leader and activist, Carl Henn.  Either way, experts are noting in Russia and D.C. that a change in the jet stream has led to the significant events.  The D.C. events come on the heels of a strange storm in Montana, curiously not long after the governor turned down Federal stimulus money.

The recent death of Ted Stevens is a disturbing development.  Some sources indicate that he was ready to reveal that Obama had given the green light to use weather weapons.  And Stevens might have known; he was the Senator in 1988 that had to be “convinced” to allow his state to house the HAARP project.  At the time, Stevens was insisting to detractors that the HAARP array could end fossil fuel dependence.  Perhaps this is what he was led to believe, so he let the project sail through . . . until he later learned otherwise.  Also on board the plane was former NASA administrator, Sean O’Keefe, who was enlisted by Stevens to help research the truth.

Government acronyms are very often revealing for their propagandizing; in reality being a 180-degree turn away from what is implied.  HAARP invokes a sense of the peaceful strumming of angels in harmony with all creation. Yet, even if we conclude the most benign intentions, a familiar chestnut warns us that the road is paved straight to Hell.  The title of the definitive book on the subject states it best:  Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.  That is because the strum of mechanistic manipulation is discordant with Nature; it plays a devil’s tune, rasping its way across the strings of existence.

On Earth, it is played out as Full Spectrum Dominance where it needs souls to succeed.  This is the free will of humanity — you must choose your side.  History is a catalogue of Man’s attempts to imitate the Divine.  He has not yet succeeded, but he might just die while trying.

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Activist said…
OK, ljr, thank you for becoming involved. We are open to all points of view, as long as they are well written and well presented. We often post articles that are not the opinions of the owners of Activist Post, nor are they necessarily our beliefs. Nonetheless, we cannot claim to be free people unless we consider all points of view. You are therefore free to discuss specific points and add to the dialogue here which will help get us closer to the truth. Our only agenda is to spread freedom and peace as best we can. Kind regards — Michael Edwards
August 16, 2010 8:49 PM
penna64 said…
Hearing and respecting your reaction to the post’s being placed forward. I just found your site a couple or three weeks ago and it has been one of my top three. Thanks for the info!
August 16, 2010 11:05 PM
Activist said…
Well, thank you Penna! Glad to have you on board — M.E.
August 16, 2010 11:12 PM

Mary said…
Yes, truth is elusive is it not. Most of what we think we know is just a guess. We believe what we want to believe based on some pre-conceived notions. We paint ourselves into intellectual corners that preclude us from even imagining any creative way of escape, and then defend our misfortune to the death. Things are not working out too well right now, why wouldn’t we entertain an alternate view of reality? Like the old saw goes “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Bravo to you for bringing up HAARP and let the give and take flow unabated.
August 17, 2010 5:15 AM

Greg Bacon said…
The Pentagon has changed its reasons for HAARP several times over the years. Whatever is going on there in Gakona, you can damn well bet it ain’t for the good of humanity.
August 17, 2010 7:48 AM
cooking goddess said…
I applaud this author. As Someone who has spent many years researching these kinds of weapons programs and having previously been resistant to the idea they are actually being used, I am now of the opinion we are in the midst of the application of these weapons. The recent events in China, Russia and Pakistan, all acknowledged to be connected by a stalled out jet stream, have convinced me. For those who go about calling people ‘conspiracy theorists’, it’s a bit hard to fathom. There’s so much credible information online about these projects and their applications, to claim ‘conspiracy theory’ is either absolute ignorance, individual fear, provocation or other. (I find it interesting that those who make conspiracy theory accusation never take the time to research the matter for themselves, if they did, they would surely have a rude awakening.) This is not the stuff of science fiction, it is science fact. Thank you.
August 17, 2010 8:00 AM
tangel476 said…
Haarp can be also used as a tool for mind control. It does not take much to control the human mind. The electromagnetic field generated to control the mass population can be disruptive to Earth’s own magnetic field. That will explain the crazy weather patterns. The US govt is destroying this planet. They know it and are covering it up in the process.
August 17, 2010 8:41 AM

Lukiftian said…
HAARP is a gun. It uses the earth’s magnetic field as the barrel and the atmosphere as the bullet. It’s a crude planetary defense system. Weather ‘control’ is a side effect of the use of the weapon, it is not what it was intended for, and I doubt they have actual ‘control’, in fact, they have little idea (as usual for the military) of what they’re really doing, but as others pay for the consequences, so what?
August 17, 2010 8:44 AM
larry said…
I suspect that HAARP was or is used to help keep the oil of the gulf coast. I also suspect that this change is responsible for the weather mentioned in the article as a SIDE EFFECT. I’ve stated similar in several places and it has always been ignored.
August 17, 2010 12:20 PM
Nmcd72 said…
Planes spraying aerosols – aka chemtrails – have caused prolonged dry periods in our local area. We had a “mini-drought”. I’ve captured the spraying planes on video, and have sent the proof of weather modification to There IS a “conspiracy”, or secret plan, to raise temperatures utilizing their weather mod. techniques. I know the military aircraft at high altitudes that spray thick lines in the sky are a part of it. I have seen storms literally evaporate before my eyes, and/or be steered to other areas. You must be observant and aware. I believe this manipulation will only get worse, and people need to be prepared for erratic and extreme weather no matter where they live. Wasn’t there a freak tornado in Michigan about 2 months ago? LOVED this article!! Please write more! Thank you.
August 17, 2010 8:40 PM

Activist said…
There will be follow-up articles. We have received many fine comments and tips such as yours, Nmcd72. Many have suggested that there is a link between Chemtrails and HAARP. Then there is the issue of frequencies and the human mind. This rabbit hole goes very deep. Regarding freak storms: There are many cases of limited intense events, but freak storm systems is another matter. In other words, a microburst of 5-15 minutes that devastates part of a neighborhood certainly can happen, but these prolonged systems devastating entire regions do seem strange. Let’s keep investigating…. — M.E.
August 17, 2010 9:00 PM

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