that japanese earthquake/tsunami

not only did it alter the position of japan, but it tore up a bunch of ice shelf in antarctica, and caused ripples in the ionosphere.

everything is connected to everything else.

Aug 12, 2011

Japan tsunami also shook up Earth’s atmosphere

By Michael Winter, USA TODAY

Earlier this week scientists reported that the tsunami unleashed by the March earthquake off Japan calved off icebergs from Antarctica 8,000 miles away. Today comes the news that the disaster also shook up Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Blog:  Japan tsunami tore off icebergs from Antarctica

Using about 1,000 global positioning receivers in Japan and Taiwan, researchers detected waves in the electrically charged particles of the ionosphere, more than 200 miles high, LiveScience writes. It was the largest such disturbances ever seen.

LiveScience says the finding could lead to new warning systems for tsunamis and earthquakes.


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