a novel about a quantum world

it’s suzie, of splat, but grown up.  she used to be a waitress, and in her off hours she would patrol the highways in a superhero costume, and punish traffic assholes with a paint gun.  shit happened, but she lived thru it, and that was years ago now.

so she’s about 30.  after the tony country club full of white supremacists, she abandoned the puritan work ethic forever, and sank into a hand-to-mouth existence – little throwaway jobs, a series of apartments on one-year leases and boyfriends month-to-month, a friendly and workable addiction to whatever was handy at the time, ranging from booze to pills to coke and meth, and always soothed by weed.

she kept falling for the wrong guys.  the first one was a coke dealer who up and left in a hurry one day.  this was followed by a narcotics cop who got her pregnant and then went down in a sting.  after that she fell in love with an adonis fresh out of jail who tried but couldn’t find anything that paid better but the same old game.  and once he got her pregnant a second time, he went for a big score to set them up for life, and that was that.

so she’s homeless.  with a four year old and one on the way.

or something.  maybe a baby is a little much.  not to mention two.  once dfacs gets involved you can forget about any real plot development.

a single suzie at 30, then.

her life sucks, she’s trying to work herself out of a bottom of homeless drug addiction, she’s plucky, but her ironic sense of humor is becoming bitter.  she’s still her own worst enemy.

somehow, she discovers quantum physics – the theory of everything.  she discovers that it works in everyday life.  by focusing the will.  she learns to change very small things about her life that way.

her friend (her enemy) also learns how to do it, and they work to develop it.

they develop meditation methods, and physical exercises, and a list of hints.  they make costumes.  they create a religion with merchandising.

learning how to be god has a learning curve.  changing more than one thing at a time is very difficult.  as they learn, they start to grow apart.  she’s fine with small changes, baby steps, the cautious approach.  her friend, her enemy is more ambitious, gets more, does more, interferes more.

in the end she has to stand against her enemy, her friend, and fight for one version of reality over the other.

like the reason arab spring was so successful this year; they could all feel it.  and trying it in cuba is not working because they’re not feeling it.  here either.  for paradigm shift to occur there must be a new feeling, beat, slogan, gestalt, attitude, fashion, music etc.  way of seeing the world that is instinctual, appeals to the senses and not reason, the emotions.  that way they don’t have to think about it, they can get it, like ? with how to play the queen mum.

the central myth is jim’s take on the garden of eden.


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