notes on a fairy tale

what does the present look like when seen from the future?  if the struggle is never over, if the arquillian battle cruiser is always fixing to destroy the arth, then what does it look like when the fight has shifted and the reality is different?  at this moment, when the masses rise against oppression.

jim pointed out this morning that it’s a hundred years since the beginning of the socialist revolution.  for awhile, thru the ’30s, socialism was a real force, and then it was stamped out?  no, a war came and shifted the battle.

and when the focus shifted, you had the socialist countries of europe.  and of those sweden etcetera still practice socialist principles, but most slipped towad the american model of private for-profit corporations running everything, while the governements made noises to pease the masses.  in america they encouraged ‘exceptionalism‘ and consumerism and brand democracy, but led the world in the concentration of wealth.

everywhere corruption has been rewarded and backed by military might.  but after 30 years in power the autocratic regimes toppled in the name of freedom, and are in the process of trying to wrest control from the militaries who still hold power.  finally it is obvious that the leaders are interchangeable puppets of the military.  who are the hired thugs of the corporations.

in response to this realization, that the 1% are hoarding and all the fear-based attitudes, unofficial organization begins going around them and gathering what they need themselves.  it starts casually, with the occupy camps organizing food and shelter, hospitals and schools and libraries, then networking thru local suppliers.

the difference is the flatness, no heirarchy.  this makes everyone responsible.

but i don’t want to document it.  i’m not the historian.  i just want to write the fairy tale.  once upon a time, these kids found a magic – a quantum – box, and opened it.

what’s quantum about the occupy movement?  it doesn’t follow the laws of classical physics.  it’s magical thinking.  create the world you want to live in.  where the individual observer – consciousness – directly causes the world we experience to exist.  where the key to change is consciousness.  where the key is to make a critical mass of consciousness.

critical mass consciousness

so what i want to do is to help raise mass consciousness, spread quantum thinking.

what is quantum thinking?  magical realism.  knowing that thought is power, emotion is a tool, consciousness is god.

the people who don’t agree with the ‘occutards‘, the tea partiers, the xians, it’s not that they don’t understand that we all have the same grievances, it’s that they have a different strategy to solve the problem and a different set of things to blame.  and they’re dead set against whatever we stand for.  are they against us because we’re liberal or because we’re not just like them, or how different can you be from them before they call you an occutard?

they’re very contemptuous of us.  we’re very contemptuous of them.  but they’re wrong and we’re right.

and so everybody says the same things about the other side.  and feels contempt.  and superior.  and all those other ugly emotions. which makes them all wrong, because if you have contempt in your heart then you don’t have love.

florence scovel shinn. updated.  funy and profane and biting.

so where is the error of the conservatives?  that THEY’re out to get them.  but so do they all believe, liberals also.  they’re all operating under fear.  and hatred.  so they won’t do good things.

harnessed, hate and anger can chop a lot of firewood, but used badly sews discord and increases hatred.  it’s necessary to act out of love, to create the world you want to live in.


the story follows a bunch of idealistic young dragoncon geeks, as they learn how to think quantum and help spread the new consciousness thru stories, games, fashion, diet, music, art,  language, even a new religion and political party.

so what kind of world is it?  outsourcing has to stop, since that is the pursuit of cheap labor for profit, and just exploits the 99%.  so things are made locally, but sold globally.  taxes go to feed and clothe and house and heal everybody and not to the army.  living wage.  no for-profit human services.

the argument against this – it kills competition, if the state regulates how much lawyers and doctors and employees make, which violates capitalism.  but capitalism depends on cheap materials, this means labor costs, which perpetuates a servant class.  so we need an economic system that is flat.  without classes of different function / rewards.

flat economics.
local / global.
one phone one vote.

how do you reform the political system?  revolution.  or law by law, a little at a time or al  at once.  progressively.  from small centers, each addressing one issue – food, health, infrastructure.  so what does a quantum government look like?  legislation can be introduced by any citizen.  everyone has an equal voice in lobbying.  money has to be taken out of the equation.  religion and money corrupt.

religion and money corrupt.

because they’re fear based?  because they lead to concentrations of power.  religion is the concretization of belief and action.  money is the concentration of wealth, the material.  so thought and things.  control of thought, control of things.  controlling thru fear of loss and the other is just a basic tool.

religion and money are both abstractions of abstractions, and therefore ripe for creative interpretation.

the problem with the politics of the present (for the past hundred years) is that the cream sinks to the bottom and the scum rises to the top – the worst psychopaths run things.  you can see this as a progression in the communist model, from lenin to trotsky to stalin, and finally regime change when the old bastard died.

the new world needs new tools.  not fear and hatred, zero sum games, enemies trying to destroy us.

the cultural norm is smoke and mirrors.  wealth is ephemeral and causes unhappiness. religions are full of old ideas, received wisdom, tradition. people assign religion their authority – they place their faith in it and do what it tells them.

visionaries are the most dangerous.  they obey different rules and the powers that be are afraid of them.


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