the transformational stories of 21st century change will celebrate the heroes at the margins, inspire us to face the true scale of our problems, and herald visions of a world remade. they will accommodate complexity, embrace diversity, and foreshadow the challenges and triumphs we all will face.

direct action is any action where people step out of their traditional scripted roles and challenge the dominant expectation of obedience. this shifts power relationships in the moment and makes lasting imprint in imaginations – fundamental change at the deepest levels.

story-based strategy is an exploration of how social movements can operate in the realm of narrative to create a shared story for interpreting political issues that inform the understanding of a critical mass of society.


heroes at the margins

face the true scale of problems – challenges / triumphs

visions of the world remade – complexity, diversity, nurturing, people before profit

step out of scripted role

challenge expectations of obedience

shift power relationships in the moment

lasting imprint of new possibilities setting the stage for fundamental change

create shared story for interpreting issues

inform the understanding of a critical mass


two visionaries break thru and see a new world

the easy part is done – 90% of the effort is trying to get back to nirvana on your own.

spreading the word. merry pranksters.

the real problem is how to change hearts and minds. how to get the scales to drop from their eye. how to convince them we’re right and they’re wrong.

did anything i just studied say it was advisable or possible to do that? that’s the battle of the story, where i first demolish their story and then build my own.

the kids in my story have to do this. have to demolish classical thinking and tell a story enabling the quantum way of thinking.

while they’re doing this, after a period of success, and while opposition is high, there’s a split between the two and divide and conquer happens. then the job is to make the enemies within see this, which is harder than persuading tea partiers.



so there’s discovery of the new, presented as a flash.

then reality reasserts itself (according to the dominant culture). our heroes realize the system is changeable at that point, when reality comes back.

then they have to develop their ability to get back to the quantum state of thought, they have to make converts, teach others, all that.

then it takes off – costumes, music, diet, drugs, art, language, sex practices, rituals, religion, philosophy, natural allies and enemies.

then resistance, infiltration, divide and conquer, violent suppression by forces of the dominant culture.

then there’s a split between the two sides and then the other side gains allies and gets stronger and our side makes losses and suffers destruction.

then a miracle happens.

critical mass.


but – why hasn’t the other side reached critical mass first? it’s so much better funded.

because it’s wrong. because it’s an attempt to use quantum thought to support the dominant culture’s use of power over rather than power with. and it doesn’t work that way. quantum is not hierarchical. you can’t divide and conquer quantum because there’s no Us versus Them. because we’re all one.

in fact, the other side is using the equivalent of black magic trying to wield quantum power selfishly, and it bounces back on the them.


so we’re teaching quantum thought, magic, zen and sufi training, activist techniques, and changing the story. have i left anything out?


commenting on the notes i took yesterday.

how does the frame create conflict? what is the frame? dragoncon geeks against the world. who’s the villain? the proponents of classical thinking. what do they want to do ? stop our heroes from quantum thought.

so once the word gets out and there’s a track at dragoncon, then infiltrators and smears and divide/conquer and scandals. occupy wall street type events and militarized responses as the elite is threatened.

why are the powerholders threatened? because in a quantum world they lack support, their stories don’t hold up. so they try to coopt the movement by backing the would-be king against the inclusive leader.

why do the elite lack support in a quantum world? because things are bottom up in the quantum world? because the principle that rules the quantum world is consciousness and so the higher consciousness rules?

why is progressive thinking evidence of higher consciousness than fundamentalist thinking?  because fundamentalist thought is fear-based and exclusive, us or them, coercive, one right way.

how can this tale inspire us to face the true scale of the crisis, challenges and triumphs, complexity, diversity, nurturing?  because there is another way, because the way the powers that be say is the only way is only the way that suits them, and not the actual only way, because everything is relative, and there are many ways. an infinity of ways. multiple universes of ways.

step out of scripted role, challenge expectations of obedience, withdraw permission to be ruled. dragoncon direct actions with all the tracks – science, literature, film, art, cosplay, skeptic, even xian.

shift power relationships in the moment, leave lasting imprint of possibilities, fundamental change at deepest level – direct action / metaverb

going thru the day in denial of the reality. being the man in the middle of his day, suddenly stripped of all the illusions, then thrust back into the same day. the surreality of everything that follows.

hearts and minds. surreality. the stories we’re programmed with by our cultures. the filters these stories provide to anything different. in the brain, neurons confronted with something new become distressed and seek to find peace by rejecting the discomfort and the challenging facts that cause it.

occutards – the right’s refusal to listen to anything that seems liberal. anything not looking and sounding like and saying things they agree with or are familiar with. so you can’t talk to them the normal way, with facts that go counter to what they know.

the medium has to be totally divorced from politics. comicbooks. video games. sports. us versus aliens?something that embraces both sides, where people don’t discuss politics or religion. you’re not allowed to talk about either in a corporate environment, so how can we use that?

so we invent an adventure fantasy where gamers learn zen and sufi and the rudiments of quantum thinking, and earn points the better they get, and the music is quantum, and the costumes, and the language, and the story is epic and transformative.

and this is just the development part of the story.



so these kids have a quantum experience and come back to a surreal world which happens to be dragoncon, maybe sunday morning.

then they start a quantum track and develop the techniques, a story, a path to quantum thinking. they develop a multi-user game. this part of the story is a sub story. where we tell the tale of the game as a true tale. the techniques are taught differently – as exercises? as live action scenes with people playing the game? interspersed with the story line of the game?

then it gets popular. and infiltrated. and at this stage it more resembles the freedom year / occupy actions. when powerholders notice, feel threatened by, and begin suppression of the movement, this only makes it grow.

but what’s the issue? freedom to use quantum methods. inventions? technologies? practices like falun gong? can they suppress a game? religion, music, all that can be outlawed. especially practices using paraphernalia. all the usual tactics are used, first seen from the dominant culture’s point of view, then seen thru and explained as this or that technique of oppression. so this part is an explanation of propaganda and control techniques used by the coercive culture.

but always prefiguring the future, always offering another way right along with the bad news analysis of the way things are.

so do our heroes get peppersprayed? does it go as far as live rounds and tanks against rocks? does the government fall or is there brutal repression? do the power-holders reframe the progress as victory and continue on the same path as before? sure they do. and sure the rebel army falls for half measures because the top echelon has been coopted by the dark side, because of ‘there is no alternative’, because liberals believe in good, because the power-holders have too much to lose.

so the good side is on the verge of extinction because of betrayal and overwhelming force of darkness.

when a miracle happens.

well, not yet. the quantums regroup and make headway, but the classicists aren’t thru, and brutal oppression comes out into the open. but the whole world is watching, and they step in and force a new order. which is immediately coopted by people who have been in place from the beginning.

so then there’s war between the factions, with agents of the power-holders ruthlessly fighting to win. lenin trotsky stalin. the most psychopathic rise to the top. aided by the military, and finally taken over by the military and open police state. foolproof methods are developed to detect quantum thought. punishments are dire.

and then a miracle happens.

critical mass.

an event that shakes everyone out of their old stories, lets them step outside their traditional posture of subservience and sheeplehood. people see things as they really are. this leads them to question authority and challenge rulership and claim their own power.

the new story reframes the dominant culture convincingly, shifts power, flips relationships and history, instantly invalidates power-holders and withdraws permission of the ruled. like today when the banks were exposed and everybody turned against them.

so wtf could this event be?

it illustrates in a flash what’s wrong with the system – emperor’s new clothes – and people instantly react and take direct action.

it instantly obliterates all false divides between the people, makes them come together in solidarity to take back their power (and later has to deal with retrenchment).

change is inevitable. growth is optional.

but this is taught in level x of the game.

you are a god with amnesia.


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