author’s note

this is the process i’m working on at the moment.  still trying to work thru the antarctica part of the game and proceed to level !.

it all fits into the dante rings of hell scenario.

in the first ring of the underworld, we reenact the story of adam and eve.  baby/toddler
when they leave for the second ring, it’s the expulsion from the garden into adolescence.  they learn how to grow into young royalty.  star wars.  child/adolescent.  school

why do they leave this stage?  are they kicked out again?  or can’t they wait to leave?
in the third ring they grow up and find a place in their chosen society.  reality bites etc.  apprenticeship/adulthood.

it’s a progression from this stage to the next, smooth and natural.  no more boats, only land travel.

the fourth ring is the fortress mountains versus the subjugated lowlands, both in hell’s hinterland, where they take their places in society, develop a following and organize their powers and become responsible for the powers of others.  what’s the movie metaphor?  middle age/place in society, much at stake

they leave this ring to advance on hell and face the final enemy.

the fifth ring is hell.  they’re at the height of wisdom and power.  pitting the full powers of each against the other to win the level.  wizard of oz.  old age/legacy.

no matter how the battle comes out, the players leave antarctica and move on to level !


and how about on the outside?  on the outside it’s all about the right to use quantum versus classical, which is the real fairy tale, while the game has to do with powerful versus disenfranchised, which is the current reality.

1.  after their experience.  normal reality
2.  creating the game.  outside notices – ignore
3.  playing the game.  opposition begins – ridicule
4.  bring the game to the world.  oppression ramps up – fight
5.  fight to the death between quantum and classical.  then a miracle happens – win


the task is not to dehumanize the other side, because then it’s war and everybody loses. it’s expensive and costs lots of lives and property damage. so it’s best to enslave them peaceably. cheap consumer goods and a religion that fosters dependency would work, and does for awhile. but when slaves see thru it and rise up together. eventually you have a revolution. eventually the upper class gets too degenerate to stand. then some outside force comes in and conquers the whole bunch. and always the poor are at the bottom of the heap.

those who have want war because they plan on enslaving those who don’t and keeping them from rising up. the rich want to hoard their wealth, and protect themselves by force from those who don’t have it.

those who don’t have want war because they want to rise up and take it from those who have. the poor want to organize around the hoarders to take care of everybody, and want to protect those who don’t have it from the rich.

the tactics of the dispossessed are occupying public spaces and making constant public demonstration. but after awhile you are ignored because you’re not a threat. and people with power don’t give it up willingly, so no matter how nonviolent, you still have to take it from them.

the only reason the masses win is because there are so many of them, and the wealth hoarders are each in it for themselves (because of the zero-sum game they’re playing, even among great wealth it’s still important to get it all).

if the wealth hoarders were all working together, for their own common good, then they would be more formidable. but their very exclusivity isolates them from the source of power.

so all you have to do is focus the consciousness of the masses and they will automatically be defeated. and like gaddafi they will run and hide and all their protections will fail and all their wealth won’t offer any shelter, and they will be punished for thinking only of themselves.

but this is not understood until the end-stages of the game, when it gets to such a crisis point that the battle seems over, one side utterly victorious, the other utterly defeated. and this is where a miracle happens.

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