author’s note: chapter outline

okay.  the first chapter outline is finished, in just a day.  this is only the first of many revisions.

i’ve got 21 chapters.  the first thing i did was to write out in sentences what would happen as far as i knew.  chapter one the quantum experience, chapter two the next day, chapter three designing the game, chapter four finding a quantum programmer etc.

then i went back thru all my plot notes and i started attaching things a thread at a time to this structure.  i did this for the levels of the game, and for the outside world’s response, and for the boy and girl’s relationship, and for all the times i was able to set things into numbered lists, like the rings of the underworld and the ignore, ridicule, fight, win saying of gandhi’s.  i combined them all.

and now i have a thirty page outline sitting there waiting to be gone thru, cut and pasted, rearranged, expanded, written out.

and once i have a good detailed outline, like those you find on three hundred year old novels, then i’ll be ready to start writing.

and in the meantime, i lack names for these characters.  anybody care to suggest any?

okay, the one name i have is for the replacement programmer.  he’s known as snake.


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