author’s note: i has a pifanee

this is repeated, before and after the break, because i lost the first post (on the bottom) and rewrote it (below).  just fyi

it came to me in a flash yesterday.  i can save myself a whole lot of level engineering if i have the same layout for as many levels as possible.  and i just saw a way to fit antarctica around levels 1 and 2..

so i’m in the middle of designing a map of the amusement park that looks just like antarctica from the air.  west antarctica, which has the peninsula and the transarctic mountains and marie byrd land, that’s all going to be the midway, where level 1 is.  and when it comes time to cross to level 2, you go thru a narrow little place and cross into east antarctica, where the carneys live.  and you play level 2 on both sides but mainly in east antarctica.

so that’s cool.

there are 7 island clusters in west antarctica, and i have to think of 7 classical physics lessons to learn there.

and on level 2 i have to figure out all the ways which quantum physics subverts these classical ways, or at least, how to rig all these classical ways, how to game them from another perspective.  which i don’t even understand at this point.  never having taken a classical physics course in high school or college.

anyway, i’m very excited, and now i’m figuring out all the things there are to do on level 2, like landscape gardening and grounds maintenance, surveillance, accounting, things like that.  there are a thousand jobs in a theme park.  which ones illustrate the classical / quantum frontier?

i’m working on the map now, but i just figured out the architecture of levels 1 and 2, the carnival.

there are two parts.  level 1 is the carnival midway, where players go on rides and play games.  level 2 is behind the scenes, where the carnival workers are.  there’s only one point of connection between the two, where you can cross from one to the other.

this is the map of antarctica.  tadah.

west antarctica is peninsula, the outer islands and whitmore, transantarctia and down into victoria and oates.  that’s 7 islands.  that’s all the areas where players can go.

and then the entire rest of antarctica is where the staff goes..  and there’s only one place where west and east antarctica is connected.  that’s going to have a sign saying you must be this tall.

this means that i only have to design one big room for the whole thing.  because levels 1 and 2 are antarctica, level 3 is up in the clouds, the horizontal level is antarctica, and levels ! and !n are up in the clouds again.  so all i need is to figure out what to put on each island, and where to put the various areas of the behind the scenes workings of the carnival.

so, west antarctica is the midway, and east antarctica is carneytown.

just like that, another piece of the puzzle slots into place.  i love this project.


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