testing level 1

this is what i’ve just written about the boy and girl testing level 1.

the boy and girl test level 1.  they choose avatars and fine tune them, then forgo the introduction and the tutorials and go straight to the level.  they fall thru the air from thousands of feet above the clouds.  they test their physical controls, learning how to slow their fall and starting to learn to fly.  they emerge from the clouds over the playing area, a group of islands in the middle of a round lake, surrounded by endless parking lots and pine forests all around.  it’s a theme park, and it’s split into two parts, west and east, and at the moment east is mostly cloudy.  but they can see small houses and trailers scattered about, and low buildings, and laundry fluttering in the wind.  they descend toward the western part of an obvious theme park.  there are booths and rides, a food court, lots of winding paths.  it’s empty but for a few npcs; they are the first to walk on the level.

they steadily comment on their experience, pointing out things to fix and improve.  they change the area into more of an antarctic landscape, with hugely exaggerated mountains on the midway and an almost icecap smoothness in carneytown, where in places you can see the original gridlines.

improvements happen almost as they speak because they are communicating with the quantum kernel.  it’s very convenient to be creating the level by playing it, and it changes the way they continue programming it (this has repercussions for snake’s job).

they split up and play all the games and go on all the rides multiple times, tweaking and getting the effects down.  they interact with the npcs and buy things and accumulate points and finally are invited past the ‘you must be this tall’ sign into level 2.


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