the dragoncon cycle

i’m now figuring out the dragoncon cycle of the years here.  as i’m quickly finding, it has to be a seven year cycle.  there are seven levels, and seven rings, and seven islands on level 1 and seven lessons / quantum skills.  and there are loads of reasons for having seven as such a magic number.  in fact, its binary equivalent is 111, which is three levels fulfilled – so that the next thing after that is a brand new level a whole magnitude greater.

the first dragoncon is where they have their quantum game experience.

in the spring/summer before the second dragoncon, they built and test the kernel and start building the levels.  the first beta testers start.  realworld quantum events begin happening.  they  notice.

at the second dragoncon, the kernel programmer is found dead.  the replacement programmer joins.  the buzz about the game is enormous, and gamers pressure them to go live.  they realize the kernel is helping them create the game, and speed things up.

as pressure from them increases, they decide to go live in the months before the third dragoncon.

by the third dragoncon, there is a track devoted to the game, which is a runaway hit all over the world, spawning its own culture overnight.  the authorities ban the game and begin suppression of quantum activities.

i haven’t thought ahead of that.  how many years can the suppression go on?  just look at how long it went on / is going on / will go on in egypt and tunisia, syria, and russia, ireland, and here.

what would the fourth dragoncon look like?  the game would be banned, there would be informers everywhere, and secret gamers would meet to pass on the game.

by the fifth dragoncon they would be playing the game openly at dragoncon, defiantly, with brutal repression of players.

by the sixth one, all hope would be lost, and there would be practically be nobody playing at all.  the kernal would have been destroyed, and everybody would be locked up.

but during the sixth dragoncon, a miracle would happen, critical mass would be reached, and the power of the mighty would crumble to the dust as the power of consciousness stepped in to create a new and better world.

the end.


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