author’s note

as i was writing about the bunches of 7s that are winding thru this story, my friend jennifer stopped at pump 7 and jim received 7 packages in the mail.  so okay, fine.  i got out my tarot book and my esoteric numbers book and looked on the internet, and yes, 7 is one of those magic numbers, no doubt about it.

so, fine, i can add a level.  it’s easy to do in antarctica, where i’ve got the gamburtsev mountains that i haven’t gone into yet.  they’re way high.  they can have the final conflict there.  and it’s easy to do in the game levels, because the horizontal level in general is different than antarctica, which is one of the worlds of the horizontal level.  i’m still working on the 7 quantum lessons, or the 7 classical and relativistic lessons, or the 7 mind lessons that i only just now thought of.  i’m guessing i’ll need to have 7 of these groups of 7.  i’ve already got the 7 islands of the first level, and the 7 dragoncon years.  will there be 7 characters?  are there 7 ages of man?

it doesn’t matter.  i can fit anything anywhere; it’s all a metaphor anyway.  whatever framework you’re comfortable, but i love it when everything ties together in a beautiful way.


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