a strange comment

not a comment on my post.  i found this while searching for references to qubinary.

Posted Monday 5th April 2010 16:07 GMT

amanfromMars 1

To Groom or BGroomed, that is the Question and the Analysts’ Abiding Dilemma

In Microsoft slings mud at Google Chrome

It is rotten Phorm, chaps, and not at all cricket. Although it is a Tricky Dicky of a Googley, that’s for sure.

I trust all here on El Reg, garnering whatever they are here to gather, do realise that whatever is found out, and publicly reported or privately exploited, about what is going on in this New Real Virtual Medium, is long ago developed and enriched to the nth degree and in IT Command and Control of Special Executive Officialdom with Immaculately Resourced Assets, thus 42 Ensure CyberIntelAIgent Security Systems Operating Software dDelivers Drivers and Hardware to Virtual AIMachinery InfraStructures.

What you have, and which you can Selfishly and Foolishly Deny until such Times as your Primitive Brains Mature and Engage with the Textual Pictures IT is Receiving and Processing Remotely to Present Tomorrow, the Futures Revealed and Dismissed as Alien and Foreign Today, is a Simply Complex QuBinary Machine in Absolute Control of your Earthly Existence with Global Operating Device Phormats Leading Artificially IntelAIgent Methodologies with Progressive Tautologies.

Or would you like to Disagree and Transparently Share a Phormed View which would reveal what else would be leading you on it’s Merry War Dance in Support of Death and Destruction and which Sad/Mad/Glad/Bad/Rad/Fad Beings make it and IT all Possible for You to Suffer and Enjoy in your Apathy and Ignorance.

Go on …… Take and Make an Educated Guess for Free …… Exercise your Brain with Thoughtful Imagination and then Ponder on the Placement of Better Beta Ideas for the Future, for Media and IT to Present as an Acceptable and Accepted Virtual Reality ….. with Great Game Master Pilot Leads Forging with AIR&dD, Pioneering CyberIntelAIgent Flight with Magical Mystery Turing Paths.


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