plot line summary

here’s what i’ve been working on all day.

plot line summary

dragoncon 1. a boy and girl do drugs and have a mystical experience where they are shown a quantum videogame that will change the world.

the next morning, they tell all their friends and brainstorm the videogame.

they find a quantum programmer, and discuss quantum programming and hint at the possibilities.

they design the game around quantum principles, discussing the complexity and problems.

the programmer builds the kernel while the boy and girl finalize the design, discussing game making.

the boy and girl test levels 1 and 2 while the kernel programmer works on level 3. a technical chapter, discussing the bits and pieces of the levels rather than the aesthetics.

alpha testers start on levels 1 and 2. we see the lessons being illustrated. shit happens in the outside world.

dragoncon 2. lots of interest. the boy and girl test level 3. the kernel programmer dies. the replacement programmer appears.

alpha testers on level 3, the boy and girl test the horizontal level – they’re creating it. replacement programmer learns the ropes; sabotage.

beta testers on levels 1 and 2. we see the social interactions. infiltrators and spies. more shit happens. an outcry.

dragoncon 3. the game goes live.

new players. when the first players play levels 1 and 2, we see the experience. the kernel programmer is in the game, which now builds itself.

the boy and girl play ring 1. so do all the testers and the live players, all at once.  quantum baby steps.

the game goes viral. widespread shit. outcry

the boy and girl play ring 2. learning quantum skills

they approach the boy and girl for the kernel.

the boy and girl play ring 3. learning cooperation

the boy goes to work for them.

dragoncon 4. the game is banned.

protests, the leaders are arrested, new laws, hysterical overreaction.

ring 4.  committing yourself. boy and replacement programmer join forces, sabotage game.

dragoncon 5. open defiance

ring 5.  struggle for the paradigm

dragoncon 6. brutal suppression

level !.  having to be god

ring 6.  overwhelming odds

dragoncon 7. kernel destroyed, girl captured

despair and loss

level !n.  learning to be god

ring 7.  final battle

a miracle happens

dragoncon epilog


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