revised act 2

this is where it begins to get complicated, with many people playing many levels of the game, and the game’s physics interfering with the outside world, which doesn’t like it.

act 2

chapter 15, dragoncon 3

the fans, go-live buzz, level 2 effects in the real world. changes to the game. additions to the team. the boy a rising star, the girl overwhelmed.

chapter 16, the kernel programmer is in the game

kurt lives on in the kernel, and appears in the game when he notices situations that go counter to the principles of the game. he is the mysterious enforcer who appears when they die and counsels them on their gameplay, and players know and fear him or love him, depending.

the press picks up on funny quantum things happening in the real world. the right picks up on it. there is an outcry. they start suppressing quantum things. criticism increasingly shrill, fear of game as it grows in popularity.

chapter 17, playing antarctica ring 1

the boy tires of survival and works to get off the island. the girl interacts with everything. they gradually move from testing to playing the game. at the end of this level they find themselves split up.

chapter 18, game goes viral

level 3 effects in the real world. the fans. changes to the game. additions to the team. spies.

players develop new cultural identity – fashion, slang, music, art, signs, rituals. more quantum events. the game goes viral, millions of online players.

they start suppressing quantum things.

chapter 19, first they ignore you

as the game grows, so do the boy’s ambitions. he is both pope and king of this new quantum universe. girl gets dogmatic and intolerant.

level 3 effects in the real world.

chapter 20, playing antarctica ring 2

the boy and girl work hard at their studies, he’s more interested in power, she’s more interested in oneness. he takes to a life of piracy. the girl studies with the anchorites and fisherfolk and learns about fairy lore from the bards. the boy and girl meet on the high seas and confirm separate ways.

chapter 21, outcry, they approach boy and girl

hysterical outcry, calls for banning the game.

cultural identity suppressed. new laws. demonstrations. beatings/arrests. culture goes underground, resistance tactics develop, more quantum events in the real world. quantum physics is demonized. laws are passed, or brushed off and creatively applied.

chapter 22, playing antarctica ring 3

the boy spends time invading the rich coasts of the rift and inner sea, but becomes involved in governing a settlement, and learns about legal piracy. the girl drifts with the seafarers and shepherds, and learns from the wise women and judges. they meet in the middle of the rift and have a big argument.

chapter 23, dragoncon 4

boy and girl approached by authorities – save game from being banned and surrender kernel. boy agrees, girl disagrees. the boy decides they can be used for his own ends, and cuts them in. big fight. split in the game.

chapter 24, then they ridicule you

demonstrations, police brutality. more people gather. the boy branded a devil. the girl is focused on seeing the game to critical mass and doesn’t care, but the boy decides that he needs to take control of everything because of the threat from them.

chapter 25, playing antarctica ring 4

the boy learns land piracy, cattle raids, train robbery, organizing a loose network of outlaws. the girl works with a rural agricultural population, organizing the healers and wise women, co-ops and markets. snake creates a religion putting control of quantum skills in the hands of the church. fairy and kurt do something, because ring four touches ring 7 and is a focal point. girl and boy’s positions harden.

chapter 26, game banned

game banned, many players arrested. mass arrests in china. informers everywhere. boy and snake work for authorities. suppression of quantum activities. gamers meet in secret, girl goes underground.

chapter 27, informers everywhere, gamers pass it on in secret

the real world and the game world become more entangled. because of the quantum kernel, the game alters itself as more and more people play it and the observer effect gets out of hand and the players continue to write the game.

girl goes underground. gamers meet secretly.

chapter 28, playing antarctica ring 5

the boy organizes the mountain strongholds into warrior state, making raids on hell’s hinterland. the girl organizes schools and alternative healthcare and an underground railroad from hell. the boy and girl continue to hold animosity toward each other, and positions grow bombastic.

chapter 29, out of control

the outcry grows shriller and more frantic. the repressions grow more brutal. the crowds grow and grow. quantum effects become more frequent. more laws, more crowds, more riots, more disappearances.

people use gameskills to challenge authority. they fall back in confusion.


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