quantum culture

here are a few quotes.

We’re becoming a quantum culture – one that that has slowly become more and more aware of itself and the reactions that result from its actions – how the present constantly implicates the tomorrow. We have an unquenchable thirst for who we are and where we are from. As we begin to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings, we slowly begin to alter our reality.

The quantum culture is one that is looking. We constantly seek input, data – and this information, while often wavering between disorienting and sedating, disheartening and amazing, is ultimately a small step toward enlightenment.

and another

Chapters are devoted to the history of quantum aesthetics, quantum art, quantum literature, quantum politics, quantum anthropology, and so forth. In the end, the general elements of a quantum culture are outlined, and the differences that this culture shows with respect to old conceptualizations of this domain are explained. With respect to the field of cultural studies, this new approach to cultural analysis changes how societies can be investigated as well as provides cultural studies with a more comprehensive and integrated framework. Specifically noteworthy is that quantum aesthetics is less reductionistic than research strategies of the past.

and here’s somebody who’s working on the same head of steam i am.

The main principle of Quantum Thinking is to hold two seemingly opposite ideas in one’s mind at once and understand both ideas to be fully true.

At the conference, we should consider six areas of Quantum Culture: (1) New Mathematics and Quantum Computing in Software (2) Quantum Medicine (3) Politics (4) Language (5) Real/Virtual Institutions for the Dissemination of Knowledge (includes education, museums, and Wikipedia) (6) Embodiment (includes a certain advanced kind of electronic art, dance, and social choreography).

Once you start thinking in a “quantum” way, the answer to almost every question becomes “yes and no.” And both sides contain huge truths which cannot be negated by the other.

Every intellectual (or spiritual, etc.) tradition that we respect has more or less operated independently from all the others. From the point of view of my Star Trek belief-system, the dream of a global culture, what we need now is a quantum leap forward to an epistemology where I have my own commitments, coming from my own biography and traditions, but I am also much more understanding of the importance and value of other traditions. We need a global thinking, in my view, one that is also deeply respectful and understanding of the singularities of each tradition.


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