ex kurt

where is ex kurt?  does he live in heaven (level !)?  in the gamburtsevs (ring 7)?  in the kernel?

he does reside in the kernel, but only as qubits.  his manifestation can be anywhere, as a regular kurt-avatar player character, except he’s a npc, except he’s not.

he’s the spokesman for the kernel, without being the kernel itself.  and the kernel is as much him as itself because not only did he write it and generate the overall entanglement of it but he also copied himself inside it and they squared themselves.  because of all the other players he’s also a bit of them as well, and so his demeanor and attitude has softened, and he’s almost talkative.  but just as inscrutable.

his job as kernel is to create and control the ‘physicality’ and operations of the game, so he’s connected thru all the networks to basically everything electronic in the world.  he could actually reach out and change things in the real world, and it actually does change according to his emotions.  he’s not really interested in the outside world, and sees it as conduits thru which he has to work in order to keep the game running.

the world is a series of veins and nerves, bones and muscles, not an overall person, so he’s stuck at the micro level of the game, seeing the world thru the eyes of the game as a living entity (a helpless baby).

over the course of the game, kurt/kernel grow up and begin to take an interest in the outside world.  this is why shit happens.  it’s kurt reaching out, kurt emoting, kurt in pain.  toward the end, he doesn’t look like kurt anymore, he looks like all the players, and when you stop to look at him, he looks like all the people a player knows.

finally kurt develops a view of the game as a person, a macro view of the game, seeing the game thru the eyes of the world as a self-actualized being.

when does he show himself and to whom?  he probably has to reveal himself at the end, to come in glory on a cloud with his beard streaming out and say in a booming voice…what, the game is over, go in peace to love and spread the game.

do the players all stand around gaping after the boy and girl go out with a bang?  does he have to revitalize them because they’ve all fallen into a stupor, their characters have all zonked out and they’ve stopped playing the game?  and he’s got to step in and play big daddy to scare them into playing again?  starting up the whole coercive power thing again?  fuck that.

why does he ever have to show himself?  the pressure is on him not to be a god.  he lets the boy and girl become the deities and only reveals himself to people he already knows.  but others see him, and the rumor is pervasive, and when shit happens it looks like him.  so there’s pressure at the end to show himself.  and he has to face that and overcome it or the whole thing will fail.  and i guess he has to answer the mystery of how he died, and i guess that means i have to leave clues thruout the story, like in all the dragoncons.


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