places in the story

the places:

i’ve gone thru the chapter headings and noted what scenes occur in that chapter. and these are most of them.

dragoncon settings are the public spaces at dragoncon, the panels, inside hotel rooms, the food court, the gaming hall, the art and comic book ballrooms, the roof and stairwell, the pool, dragoncon tv.

realworld quantum effects…the sun’s radiance pulsates, clouds form in a clear sky and look like kurt, birds flock resembling kurt’s head, 2+2 stops =ing 4, etc. (photosynthesis uses quantum effects to turn light into energy). it’s hard to come up with ‘what-if’ macro effects…

boy/girl computer is when the boy or girl is sitting at their computer, at home or in a cafe or wherever, working either on the game or surfing the net or in communication with someone else on fb, twitter, email, chat.

boy/girl head is all the internal thinking and feeling. also when they act as the observer.

in the game is their character and its actions, also their thoughts and feelings and their observations as people in character.

the gaming community is the whole community of videogamers especially those who are involved in the quantum game, sometimes as a group, sometimes as individuals.

dreams and visions are vivid out of body experiences, especially to do with playing the game.

neutral settings for discussion can be the food court at dragoncon, a bar, a room or suite where play-testing occurs, whatever passes for a game development office (which won’t be fancy, and probably not even paid, perhaps a squat with illegal heat, water, electricity, and internet. a foreclosed house whose owners just walked away.)

the girl’s apartment is in little more than a slum; a cheap and filthy half-house in a bad neighborhood, shared by three girls who are trying to pay off student loans with minimum wage jobs. it’s neat, but the furnishings are out of dumpsters and there are always loser boyfriends on the couch, throwing empties at the trashcan in the kitchen.

the boy’s mom’s basement is moldy, and the furniture is all old and battered, it’s full of things the family hasn’t used for years, and the boy made a nest in one room and tunnels to the bathroom and the basement stairs.

the boy’s new man cave is an ultrahip designer loft in a warehouse with music and video studios and cutting edge programming teams, where he pretends the game was written.

the strip club is where the boy hangs out once he’s a star, with drug dealer friends and rock-star hangers-on. he throws money around and the girls vie for his attention because he’s hit the big time.

the girl’s work is as a salesclerk at the gap store at the local mall. she hates it, even tho she’s good at it and they’ve been grooming her for management. it’s loud with annoying music, her coworkers are shallow losers or insanely driven winners, and the manager keeps hitting on her.

kurt’s van is full of food wrappers and printer paper and well-thumbed manuals, as well as a gun under the seat and many pharmaceutical bottles in the glove compartment, with all kinds of tools and electronic equipment stowed in cubbies down the length of the van, and one wall turned into a mobile computer lab.

inside the kernel it’s all light, the brighter the point of light, the more consciousness; strings and bundles of light are thoughts or actions and kurt is an eggshape that resembles kurt in movement as much as feature. it’s a brighter version of the cloud levels in the game.

the droid in the street (the observer who sees the realworld quantum effects) is a whole community of strangers going about their ordinary business in the realworld and happen to notice when the game’s quantum effects change things.

snake’s head is thinking/feeling/observing from a user’s point of view (48 laws)

fairy’s head is thinking/feeling/observing from altruistic newager’s point of view (course in miracles)

the tech in the basement security room is just a pair of eyes and a hand on a mouse in front of a monitor screen. we’re not in his head.

security hq is a big gray building in an urban perk setting with many floors. the situation room is large, filled with monitors on the walls, and rows of desks and monitor stations, dark with hushed voices and glowing screens. there’s a glass-walled conference room on a deck behind the screens (wargames) where all the yelling goes on. other floors have cubes of analysts. there is also a lecture hall, a canteen and a locker room where swat teams dress. things are scarily orderly and disinfected. there’s no sign of the slave mentality; the workers consider themselves elite warriors and don’t mind privation for the greater good, so there’s no disgruntlement allowed, and when the grumbling starts it is ruthlessly dealt with, but this causes more grumbling…in the head of a main security person who is responsible for dealing with the quantum insurgency.

the media is a tv studio seen in peoples’ living rooms, on the set, and in the newsroom. the set is corporate black glass and metal, the newsroom is filthy and crowded with old and broken equipment, the managing editor’s office is a wreck, reporters do their work in their phones and submit it by email. the owner’s office is pristine and he’s never there anyway. since this is a realworld corporation, it should show wage slavery at work. there are the usual mouthpieces of corporate news, but there is a courageous people-minded reporter who gets driven out after offending tptb. we can use the egyptian press as an example, the head of the tv who kept trying to backpedal. in the head of a main media person who reports, there may be others.

government offices are echoing marble halls in 1930s monumental style with creaky old fashioned heaters and massive desks, grimy enormous windows, real paneling and parquet. people are faceless bureaucrats for a living; the appointed bosses are wealthy and powerful dealmakers. smoke filled back rooms. congressional offices, white house offices, departmental offices, pentagon offices, bosses of the security forces at hq. in the head of at least one government official.


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