reflection – author’s note

my standardization sucks.  when starting a project, it helps to have conventions, so that you can tell your files at a glance, so that info is included in the same place in roughly the same way for each chapter, etc.  like the author’s notes, half of which aren’t subtitled so i won’t be able to find things later when there are a hundred author’s note posts.  like all the posts that are author’s notes without saying so, how to find them at all?

like i’m sure i’ll go on in another author’s note. i’m not organized enough to run a huge operation like this is turning out to be.

jim and i went to the library today and found a whole bunch of graphic novels, and how to make graphic novels, and his friend jerry is relearning poser that i won’t probably be able to use without getting a whole nother computer and i’m not doing that.  so there’s another learning curve – how not only to write for comic books, but also how to ink and color and letter and compose for print and web.

thinking about doing part of the story as prose and part as graphic novel is a very large bite to swallow.  i’ve been thinking in thought bubbles and framing in black and white since we decided to think about doing it, about a week ago, i guess.  things do get very simple when you imagine them as panels.

so many other things have been happening in my real world that i haven’t been able to think much about this story.  that’s this past week.  i’m only slowly going to be able to get back to some sort of work ethic, while so far the project has kept me busy day and night since late november, which i guess is only two months.

my task now, because jim wants to think about preliminary drawings, is to do character sketches.  we figured that while the human characters only change over 7 years, from their early 20s to hitting 30, their avatars in the game change from whatever idealized youth figure they first were to the old people scarred by their own lives by the end of the game.  but i think i did that yesterday or something.

i remember waking up in the night and seeing a panoramic panel with a close up boy as an old man, his repeated face and upper body changing from left to right from old to ancient, his body bending, his face growing gaunt, his hair and beard longer, his eyes hollow, the sweat of fear flying off his face.

also in the night, zombies figured prominently as a theme or gag thruout.  but i’ve forgotten, now.

but the processing goes on.  i’m like a newborn, who has been used to dreaming and thinking, and goes right on dreaming and thinking in their outside life until they can stay awake long enough to notice what’s going on.

also, i need to detail the 7 quantum lessons, as well as the other physics lessons.  and i have to come up with the exercises and katas.


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