imaging the characters

jim asked me for a character sketch, and i’ve done one before, probably several, but this time i was a lot more specific.

physical description of the main characters

the girl – lisbeth salander meets anjelica huston

she’s 23. little: 5’3” with big black eyes and dark hair cut pixie short and flyaway (anime-like without being too much so). she weighs nothing and looks bird-frail, but she’s lithe rather than fragile, graceful but quick. when she’s tired she gets dark rings around her eyes. she is endlessly patient and gives generously of her time and energy, but when she hits her limit she snaps at people and be’s a bitch. she tries to hold in her observations, but her enthusiasm gets the better of her and she blurts things out. so she is tactless especially under stress. she thinks quickly but is never sure of her conclusions, and she often finds out what she thinks on a topic when she hears it come out of her mouth. she likes the boy for his warmth and his supportive qualities, and she appreciates the comfort and the things he does for her. but she’s not the helpless thing he likes to think, and finds some of his attention cloying and restrictive. plus he’s not as smart or quick as she is, and this annoys her.

the boy – donald sutherland meets gandalf

he’s 27. tall: 6’3” and dark and handsome-ugly. he’s gangly and his movements are awkward and exaggerated. he hides this with languid, slow-moving graceful gestures and long pauses. he used to have a stutter. he likes to be the man, to be looked up to. he has a sense of honor and tribal loyalty that extends to his woman and his friends. he likes the girl because she’s small and vulnerable and needs him, but he wishes she weren’t so stubborn and just a teeny bit nicer.

kurt – greggie meets brando

he’s 45. medium: 5’9” and his long ratty ponytail is graying on the top. his face is pudgy, he wears granny glasses, he shaves fitfully and incompletely, resulting in long gray stubble and strange bare patches. he smokes cigarettes, and there are many long burn marks on the carpet around his chair from his nodding off and dropping lit cigarettes. everyone urges him to switch to e-cigarettes, but they’re idiots. he looks apologetic, but he acts arrogant and dismissive. his health is atrocious – 50 lbs overweight, high blood pressure, diabetic, with early congestive heart trouble. he makes noises when he breathes. he snores loudly enough to shake his van. he sweats easily and his hair becomes lanky and falls in his eyes, but the graceful toss of the head is a gesture unavailable to him, and he swipes his hair out of his eyes like a tangled mop with his pudgy hand. when he smokes, he starts coughing and can’t stop, getting red and swollen, and drooling as his tongue protrudes and his eyes pop. he only eats junkfood but usually just has an energy drink, and then looks fevered and acts distracted. when he’s not actively engaged in something, he stares into the distance and his mouth hangs open, his lower lip pouching out.

snake – davie meets randall (steve buscemi) / minio

he’s 33. medium: 5’11” thin and bony, with short nondescript hair and a pinched face, older than his years, tense and nervous, quick moving and darting. he mumbles a lot and rambles on, but answers with a question so he has time to think. he’s always ready with a believable story, and seems to tell people everything, but nobody knows much about him or what he’s doing with his time. he is shifty looking and has a good salesman’s patter, and people check their wallets after he passes. he is addicted to coke or meth, and is fidgety and always scratching himself.

fairy – miss piggy meets lorie / mom

she’s 37. short: 5’3” and blowsy, with long red frizzy hair, as round as she is tall, with a shelf of an ass and a tiny little waist. and she’s sweet. overbearingly so. the southern kind of sweet that stabs you in the back with the smile still on her face. she likes pink frilly things that make her look like gift wrapping, and has the fashion sense of a burlesque queen, so she looks like a fat hooker and acts like mae west. she’s very angry under this sweet exterior, and gives evil looks and says vicious things behind peoples’ backs. she wants everyone to do things her way, and is hypercritical of others while blameless in her own behavior, even tho a lot of things go wrong because she loses and forgets things. she’s making up for some long ago abuse by being nice, but still wants to get back at anyone who offends her.


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