philosophical foundations

the philosophy,  well, the magic powers, of the quantum world are the same powers you can see in star wars, dune, high magic, all those mythical places where humans are more like gods.  here are various notes i just compiled while looking for references to quantum effects in the real world

oob Techniques have been developed in an effort to induce OBEs:
Attempting to fall asleep without losing wakefulness. Deliberately teetering between the awake and asleep states is known to cause spontaneous trance episodes at the onset of sleep which are ultimately helpful when attempting to induce an out-of-body experience.
Deep trance and visualisation. The types of visualizations vary; some common imageries used include climbing a rope to “pull out” of one’s body, floating out of one’s body, getting shot out of a cannon, and other similar approaches. hard to use for people who cannot properly relax. Common sensations can arise such as deep vibrations, impressions of very high heart rate (when it actually is in a relaxed state) and such sensations are likely to cause anxieties. A good example of such a technique consists of the popular “Golden Dawn Body of Light Technique”.
Audio/visual stimulation intended to bring the subject into the appropriate state. binaural beats to induce theta brain wave frequencies . sinusoidal wave pulses to achieve similar results. The beta/theta simultaneous brainwave patterns were also observed as effective, apparently easing the lighter sleep condition. The theta frequency is observed monitoring brains of dreaming patients, notably in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, while the beta frequency range is that of normal, relaxed awakened individuals. It is believed that one of the unsuspected powers of the drumming of the American natives during religious ceremonies caused the brain to shift among frequencies to become more receptive to the “other worlds” using similar means.
Chemically induced experiences. there are several types of drugs that can initiate an OBE, primarily the dissociative hallucinogens. Salvia divinorum has been known to produce symptoms in which the user is said to be able to leave their bodies and travel to many places at once. Many users also claim that they feel as if their “soul” falls out of their body. Other drugs such as Methamphetamine have also been known to cause OBEs but do not in themselves cause the effect which appears to happen through the resultant lack of sleep.
Magnetic stimulation of the brain, as with the helmet developed by Michael Persinger.
Electrical stimulation of the brain, particularly the temporoparietal junction (see below).
Sensory deprivation or sensory overload. intense disorientation of the subject by making him lose his space and time references. The brain tends to fill in the gaps when there has been nothing getting into the senses for some time.
Some people who practice BDSM desire to be placed in extreme bondage because it may allow them to have an out-of-body experience and has been reported as such. This is very akin to being placed in a sensory deprivation tank, and the OBE may be induced by the resulting sensory deprivation. Sensory overload does just the opposite, where the subject can for instance be rocked for a long time in a specially designed cradle, or submit to light forms of torture, causing the brain to shut itself off from all sensory input. Both conditions tend to cause confusion and it is this disorientation which often permits the subject to experience vivid, ethereal out-of-body experiences.
Extreme physical effort. running in a marathon could overwork themselves and feel “extraordinarily weightless” and actually see themselves from above. On many occasions this has been put down to dehydration.
Near Death Experience (INDEE or NDE). The phenomenology of an NDE usually includes physiological, psychological and transcendental factors such as impressions of being outside the physical body (an out-of-body experience), visions of deceased relatives and religious figures, transcendence of ego and spatiotemporal boundaries and other transcendental experiences . Typically the experience follows a distinct progression, starting with the sensation of floating above one’s body and seeing the surrounding area, followed by the sensation of passing through a tunnel, meeting deceased relatives, and concluding with encountering a being of light .”

body of light – When the Cosmic created the universe, humanity, or the ‘human seed’, that aspect of consciousness which was to grow into realization of godhood, descended from primal unity. This unity is symbolized by the Divine World of Atzilooth, and the Holy Upper Trinity in the Tree of Life.
When consciousness experiences increasing levels of density as matter is created, duality forms and continues to the material world. This first descent from unity to duality is the so-called “Fall” and to prevent a premature return to Unity, that is before all of creation could be encountered, a barrier was placed called in qabalistic literature, the Abyss. This is the “First Day of Creation” or appearance of time/space.
As the descent continued, the human seed experienced progressive levels of sexual polarization as well as being further removed from its memory of Divine consciousness. After the level of Divine Harmony in creation, or Tiphareth, the center of humanities sense of self, an additional barrier was created, the Veil, or Paroketh. This is the appearance of individuality free of the Divine spark.
Finally, a third barrier of Veil is encountered, and that is what separates material creation from the psychic and spiritual worlds. Here, humanity has no memory of its Divine origin, and has complete free will to seek what it desires.
The small ‘child of light’ is often compared to a fetus in the astral womb of the practitioner’s aura and temple. It must be matured, fed, educated, and grown to proper strength so that is can be a help to the magician and not a hindrance, or even potential danger. However, like in all occult activity, dangers come more often from rushing through preliminary work instead of allowing it to proceed in a healthy and natural pace, than from the exercises themselves actually being psychically dangerous.
When we attempt esoteric exercises and a return to Primal Unity, we must pierce the first Viel, or that of the Gate of Life and Death. So called, because few people pierce it except during near-death-experiences (NDE’s), Out-of-Body experiences (OOBE’s), or physical death itself.
The astral body has access to three levels of consciousness, and then must be shed, or encounter the ‘Second Death” in order to penetrate the Veil, or Paroketh, to the next three levels. However, precautions must be undertaken to avoid the destruction of the astral body if the Second Death is to be avoided. If this is not done, then it must be reconstructed with a new birth.
Above the Solar World, the Resurrection Body is established, and it is the ‘body’ or expression of consciousness used for Reintergration to Unity.[2]
While the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the flesh was hotly contested during its developmental stages, with the ‘flesh lovers as they were called, winning out over those believing in a purely spiritual resurrection. Mead points out that the belief in physical resurrection was not universally accepted by the Jews of Jesus’ day, yet, there was a strong Biblical and midrashic tradition of increasing in grades of purity of the individual allowing for ascension and resurrection to take place.
The descriptions of these accounts, Elijah and Jesus, suggest that the bodies they inhabited were the same, and yet not the same. They were tangible, yet could overcome material limitations, such s Jesus’ passing through the locked door.
These ‘bodies’ in fact, are not really separate bodies, but increasingly purified expressions of the personality, the individual and unique expression of God we all carry within us. As one ‘body’ or expression is purified and ‘dies’ another takes its place. What makes the resurrection body different is that while it can and does exist within the material world, it is free from material constraints. This perfect body was, or is, essentially a quintessence.
“With the constant implanting of consciousness, even the tiny amount used here, the cowan [Body of Light] will eventually gain a half conscious mind of its own. You will in fact have partially ensouled it. At this point, it will almost certainly make a bid for freedom. Something you cannot allow for it has no protection against the darker forces who will take it over and use it against you and even against those with whom you are involved. They will think it is you and trust the appearance. Therefor the moment it feels as if the cowan is getting above itself, give it a good psychic shake, and in no uncertain terms remind it who is boss.”
She then suggests withdrawing all contact with the cowan for a lunar month, and to feel no sympathy for this self-created and projected aspect of ourselves. To do otherwise, she warns, is to court disaster. This would in fact, be tantamount to “the Fall” in our own personal microcosm.
These four directives: going slow, performing in a sacred space or enclosure, preventing it from wondering, and reminding the BOL who is boss, are common to Eastern and Western methods of creating the BOL.
What is missing in the modern accounts, but clearly stated in the Oriental ones, is that the BOL is a superior being to physical world, and can be directed to have effects on the physical body, if they are desired. It is these effects which allow for the etherialization of the physical body, increased health, longevity, and possibly even a kind of ‘psychic mutation’ that allows for increased psychic activity along family lines.
For those who do not belong to any formal course of study, it is generally suggested that the first year of activity be spent learning Elemental and Pentagram work. The second year doing planetary work; with the third year being spent integrating the two. The fourth year often focuses on zodiacal magic and the completion of any Pathworking. Pathworking can be started anywhere from the first year on and requires about 1 1/2 years to fully do all of the 32 Paths of the Tree of Life. Since each Path is often done more than once, it is best to allow two to three years for this additional aspect of magical training. Pathworking, particularly Paths 32 through 24 are critical for psychological health and should be done two or three times before doing the second set of Paths, or 23 through 19.[5] Of course, the speed at which one works is not important. It is better to go slowly and diligently and make real progress, than to rush through and simply do the work haphazardly.

Dark side feeds off anger, jealousy, fear, and hate. telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, deep hypnosis, enhanced empathy, reflexes, precognition, and enhanced speed, strength and accuracy. mind trick. Sith Force Lightning in combat or as an instrument of excruciating torture. enhanced skills in lightsaber combat. the ability to heal or drain the life-force of others, increased resistance to attack, ability to warp space and to dissipate energy attacks.
“Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother
Other Memory: the combined ego and memories of all her female ancestors, distinct identity within the Reverend Mother’s mind, minutiae of observation hyperawareness. Slight differences in air currents or the design of a room detect hidden portals and spyholes; minute variations in a person’s vocal inflection and body language understand a person’s emotional state, and manipulate it. Truthsayers are able to determine whether someone is lying by analyzing their speech, body language, and physical signs like pulse and heart rate. simulflow, literally the simultaneous flow of several threads of consciousness at any given time; mental multitasking. full control over each muscle in her body through training known as prana-bindu. This allows her to bend the last joint in her little toe while remaining otherwise motionless, bend and contort her body in ways that most would consider impossible, or put a remarkable amount of force behind a physical blow. The mental part of prana-bindu, or prana-nervature (prana stands for breath, bindu stands for musculature) is the precise control of the totality of nerves in the human body.
martial art called the
weirding way, which incorporates the prana-bindu methods of optimized muscle control, which enable one to deliver powerful blows and to move with extreme precision and speed. The basic principle behind the weirding way is that, “My mind affects my reality.” A user of the weirding way has to know that the action he or she “wants” to perform has already been performed.
Just as the
prana-bindu allows the Bene Gesserit to precisely control each muscle and nerve, they also have complete conscious control over the functions of their internal organs and body chemistry.
immune to poisons, change the chemical makeup of any harmful substance in their body and render it harmless. slow her aging process dramatically, controlling every aspect of her metabolism. “


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