Q-flow, quantum flow, also known as ki, chi, reiki, etc.

i’m struck at how much this is dealt with in popular culture.  the force.  bene gesserit powers.  merlin.  harry potter.  etc.

supernatural powers that some people possess is a very deep theme running thru human history.  according to most of the tales, everyone is capable of these powers, but various conditions have to occur to distill these capabilities so that they can be used in practical ways in the real world.  the sorcerer’s apprentice.

in the paranormal-friendly ’70s there were spontaneous demonstrations of mass paranormal powers (crowds of children bending spoons).  the force was with us.  newagers were everywhere insisting on the doctrine of mind over matter.  all you need is love.

now, at the end of the world in 2012, we live in fear, and hardly anybody loves themselves anymore, never mind the world.  we’ve turned into a world of conservatives trying to get it all before someone takes it from them.

and this is the point of the game.  turning it back to love.

the point of this work i’m involved in is to get people to start thinking and living in a quantum world, where we’re all one, and the consequences of fear and self-hatred is the death of all.  and i find this message everywhere i look.  all the occult teachings point to this.  so all i have to do is tap these traditions and i have my quantum teachings laid out for me.

watching the sorcerer’s apprentice the other night, they went thru a crash course in magic, which was hooked in to the protagonist’s studies in theoretical physics.  what happens when you condense things?  they heat up.  what happens when you release them?  they explode.  and out of this you get how to make a plasma ball.  and the process is to clear your head, envision it clearly, put yourself into it, and create it.

the boy and girl come back from their vision knowing quantum skills, being able to fly, to manifest like a wizard, to travel thru time and stop the inevitable.  can they prove it?  are they actually superheros because of a drug-induced vision?  no, not in the realworld, not yet.  but with critical mass we’ll bring harry potter to the muggles.  if you believe, like tinker bell.  then all the newage mumbo jumbo will become real.  is that what i’m trying to say.

because i’m getting overwhelmed, a little.  with all i have to do, and the subjects i have to master, and the sheer effrontery of trying to write a video game and a comic book when i’ve hardly ever played one and wasn’t allowed to read them when i was a kid.



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