playing antarctica ring 2, the mountains

chapter 19, playing antarctica ring 2 – the mountains
places: in the game.

the mountains: kernel ???

the mountains: npcs. fairy replaces evil penguins with sufi sprites that speak poetry (female)

mountains – rings. piracy and vikings (past life, exiled healer looking out to sea (girl’s dark night/isolation))

the mountains: fairysex withexkurt, girl directs her to make wise npcs, works with exkurt to make sufi sprites

the mountains: exkurt. sex with fairy. works with fairy to make wise npcs sufi sprites. picking off players who are hunting aliens???

the mountains: random is shepherd, lives in an isolated settlement and tends flocks, but watches ships. then works to construct a warehouse on the docks and he hates such intensive labor. jumps at the chance to join a merchant ship. goes settlement to settlement selling necessities. meets girl. gets captured by pirates and becomes galley slave on boy’s ship, using what quantum energy he has to ease the task.

the mountainssnake starts a monastery and nunnery for classical quantum religion. meets boy and girl
boy – come away and be a pirate
girl – (dark night) runs away and then starts a center of learning

the mountains:=p(everyplayer)transantarctica, a mountainous with deep fjords, tiny farming and livestock outposts and small fishing settlements. area where players chase and battle aliens ???.
peninsula, heavily forested mountains ranging to lower and richer land with larger settlements, players learn to navigate a sailing ship using quantum skills, practice skills with the weather and the seas, and battle other ships for loot and stuff.  offset childish weakness with psychokinetic muscles, concentrating energy to build ships and buildings and make fires. schools are devoted to in depth study of quantum skills and ethics, also practicing weather and climate skills.  rather than battling aliens, they study their culture for valuable lessons.  players use basic skills in innovative ways and learn advanced skills involving props (kinetic, motivating the inner broom?).
supposed to be small communities isolated from others learning self sufficiency and smaller group manifestation of quantum energy
exit: by water, where many of them are preyed upon by pirates who take all their points and kill them or enslave them as rowers.
there really is some mysterious something back in the mountain reaches. tunnels, too. hidden weapons caches. weapons don’t work in the lowlands but you can trade them. high casualty rate, shadowy enemies (
exkurt picking them off?) and you’re basically in it for the thrill because you lose points. npc sprites are longwinded and obtuse (abstruse) rappers??? the mountain villagers are almost like npcs, they’re that monotonous. don’t see what they get out of living way up there with no neighbors and no connection to anybody. they’re studying quantum but not to use as weapons? i’d pay attention in school if i wanted to learn anything. playing pirate is fun, and raiding, but it’s boring working on a democratic ship, and on an autocratic ship i might as well be a slave.

the mountains: the boy and girl meet in the middle to discuss their growing differences. she wants to hide and let them do it all themselves in the beginning, while he’s all for flaunting it and letting them compete. (he looks for a drug (medication), she explores meditation and exercise) by the end their positions have reversed.

the mountains: boy now he’s captain hook, on the skua. he’s had to wrest control of his ship from a tyrant to institute democratic rule, and the pirate code holds for a little while, but when he’s crossed, he becomes a tyrant. the boy decides to transform the tendency to fear-based gameplay by using it, harnessing it and transmuting it to quantum energy, so he plays pirate and teaches quantum techniques used to dominate and gain loot.  he’s more interested in power, taking shortcuts (ethics), cheating (morals). choice is made between the intent of the game as a quantum learning tool and a zero-sum shootemup, and he gets hooked into the action. he isn’t feeding back ways to make the game more quantum-educational anymore, he’s distorting the game to make it more popular and studying ways to fight from the inside. boy’s gameplay turns into strategy game / brawler. raiding and fighting and killing and capturing and amassing booty.  kills girl. random a slave.

the mountains: girl the girl’s dark night is in the mountains, she runs away at the end of the home islands. meets a wisewoman after her dark night. who gives her sufi peptalk. wanders around bare to the elements and miracles happen, she’s more interested in oneness. willing to risk own safety. lives with the anchorites and fisherfolk and develops teaching fairy lore with the bards and musicians. learns all she can about expressing quantum /sufi skills so others can learn them. the girl decides to embrace the role of teacher. goes down to the port city and establishes a school for poor players that goes on to be world famous, writes a manual, talks to fairy about wise npcs.
death: the boy and girl meet on the high seas and confirm separate ways. she’s horrified and intimidated and offended by boy. being concerned with your own salvation is vanity. the girl notices that players tend to go for the shooter aspects and act more like extrovert conservatives than introvert liberals, and wishes she could figure out how to enforce the pixie dust effect so that they could understand what the game was about. (he will look for a drug, she will explore meditation and exercise), she asks pointed questions about the spirit of the game. he apologizes for being greedy before attacking and sinking her ship, and sending her back to respawn in the home islands. she laboriously returns to the school on ring 2 and consults others about his behavior, realizing she doesn’t understand him, learning the first tactics of dealing with bullies.


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