author’s note on the synopsis

Quantum Revolution might be the title of the novel i’m writing.  i was going to call it Teh Gema, a misspelled version of ‘the game’, but it’s pretty pretentious to genericize my game as the standard all others are versions of.  because well feh. i don’t even play videogames.

this story is about a videogame that changed the world.  it’s about the revolution of quantum thinking against classical thinking, and a convoluted exposition about why it is inevitable that humans move toward a quantum society.

what is a quantum society?  what is quantum society a metaphor for?  a quantum society is bottom-up.  it’s based on the knowledge that everything is connected to everything else.  it’s a love-based society, not a fear-based one.  and there currently aren’t that many love-based societies so nobody thinks it’s even possible.  except in heaven, after all the fear-based assholes have been sent to hell.  but a quantum society doesn’t do eternal punishment.  a quantum society lets people who don’t want to be connected isolate themselves, and that can be a definition of hell.  but it’s a self-made choice, not a punishment.

the post before this one is the synopsis i’ve just whittled out of a whole volume of notes and outlines.  it’s very long, and very involved, and that’s just the bare bones of it, as simplified as i could make it. i’d appreciate comments, if anybody’s actually reading this blog.

and i’m not ready to start writing yet.  i have to do another breakdown, and make sure all my character arcs are in a row.  and i now have the original 5 characters, and 3 more characters to put a face on the trillions of players who appear in this story.  so that’s 8 character arcs going thru 6 sections and 42 chapters.  it’s going to be a very tangled web to weave.

i had to do some serious thinking before publishing the synopsis.  the story i’m writing is very similar to what is going on in the world right now.  that’s why i feel compelled to write it.  i talk about this in another post.  the trouble with what’s going on in the world right now is that one side is getting very paranoid and reactive right about now, and are passing laws making dissent illegal, and i’m all about dissenting to what i think is a really bad direction for the world to be going in.  it’s anti-quantum.

so i’m more than likely showing up on all the lists that are being made of activists, and keywords.  and while i feel waves of paranoia when i write about it, i can’t live in fear, and i can’t hide my truth because of fear.  the time for that is past.

but i can use less radioactive keywords.  for instance, i don’t want to get my favorite science fiction and fantasy convention in trouble, so i’ve changed the name to s/f*fancon.  and i don’t want to have 83 instances of the world terrorist in one blog post (because of course that’s what the goodguys(tm) will label the opposition), so i changed the name to badguy(tm).

not that i think for a moment that this will keep me off the radar, because we all know they’re watching everything we do.  but you can’t live in fear.  you can’t let fear stop you.  if i shut up now, my most creative acts would be squelched, and i would silence myself, and cower.  might as well commit suicide, and i’m not doing that.  but if i suddenly go missing, you can infer that i used too many keywords.

fera is the mind killer.


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