the rule of 7s

i’m not sure if this can be read, but it’s the grid i figured out after noticing that every little aspect of the story fit into a pattern of 7s.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
art style watercolor monochrome pastel bright garish stark b/w wireframe
game level tutorial midway carneytown cloud antarctica heaven earth
reality xian newtonian relativity quantum animism goddess god consciousness
power movement knowledge ESP time travel entanglement manifestation consciousness
discipline mind body quantum head subtle body ESP flying manifesting
lesson all one way all knowable all relative all possible all alive all together all one
midway ride
coaster tilt a whirl bumper arcade hall mirrors tunnel love ???
classical physics momentum angular ? 2nd law optics ??? ???
carney job
service gamemaster miner builder accounts personnel cop
relativity time dilation distortion of light gravity wave curvature big bang black hole ???
cloud level power
action@dist teleportation clairvoyance time travel manifestation multiple univ ???
antarctica ring isles mountains lowlands wilderness hinterlands hell gamburtsevs
age baby kid young grownup committed midlife old
skill create name nurture guide share preserve pass on
religion animism goddess early xian buddhism fundamentalist black pope god consciousness
historical period neolithic viking medieval invasions revolutionary totalitarian quantum

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artist, grandma, alien

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